After 12+ years leading Corporate Social Responsibility efforts with Fortune 500 companies, I decided it was time for me to change the world with my own two hands. Ever the optimist and dreamer,

I actually believe that is possible. Following my corporate exit in 2016, I immersed myself in global relief and empowerment work. That means I support people going through extreme trauma as well as work with organizations looking to empower under-served people.

This work has taken me to all corners of the world. From refugee camps in Greece to orphanages in Haiti. Hurricane zones to public health crises. Along the way, I've learned a lot about creating meaningful and sustainable progress. 

Armed with expertise and experience, I've now founded The Metta Project. We bridge the gap between the corporate bubble and the world beyond. Between the developed and the developing. Between who we are and what we do. We take the hard lessons learned along the roads less traveled and make them accessible to everyone. 

I hold certifications in Psychological First Aid, Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and Professional Counseling. A yogi at heart, I began my personal yoga and meditation practice 20 years ago. My goal is to create a global community of kindness through my work.

So if you're looking to go beyond the status quo, you've come to the right place. We're about finding our inner voice, building skills and showing the world what's possible when we bring a bit more metta into our lives. I hope you join us.

In gratitude...

Kirsten Helgeson

Founder & CEO

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